Aptera Type 1 Makes Movie Debut - Will Be Old Pro For Star Trek

Since Aptera may be getting too big for that whole Progressive Automotive X Prize thing after moving on to bigger and better things like being starring in Star Trek, Aptera is starting a newsletter of sorts so you can keep up as the car during it's rise to fame, and production. As such they've release this 'better know an Aptera Type 1' introduction video which touches on some of the details of this futuristic car. One of the funniest items has to be the air conditioning and how it runs all the time. Talk about cool and environmental friendly. Wait, what? [Aptera via OhGizmo!]


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Rob Emslie

@iamverb: It'd be funny if the tail wiggled back and forth while you drove it. Well, funny until you passed that elementary school got all those dirty looks from the moms.