Apple VP Says Cars Could Be One Way To Blow Its Billions

Apple’s senior VP of operations, Jeff Williams, is on stage at the Code Conference right now, and during his interview he hinted at Apple spending its cash on something car-related.

Williams is in conversation with tech journalism’s great uncle Walt Mossberg, who asked (according to the Verge), “Are you guys going to do something with your $100 billion or are you just going to keep buying back shares?”


Williams’ response: “Well the car is the ultimate mobile device, isn’t it?”

Of course Apple is already getting into the automotive space with CarPlay, its infotainment bandaid that takes over the car’s screen using an iPhone. But when it comes to discussing Apple’s massive cash reserves in the context of cars, Williams is either playing to the recent rumors of Apple working on its own car or just giving us a glimpse into all the things it might blow its cash on in the future.

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