Apple devotees who openly display their Cupertino affections usually don't get much sympathy. Slow urban traffic is no place for clumsy pushiness. Combine the two and you end up with this puzzling encounter in Russia.

It's hard to tell if the driver of this rebadged Apple-white Opel Astra sedan is in a hurry or just so wrapped up in picking something from iTunes that he can't be bothered to adhere to basic courtesy, but the blue Suzuki mini-SUV is clearly having none of it. The climax of the clip is completely unsurprising.


What is surprising, on the other hand, is the driver himself: the polar opposite of the skinny-jeans-and-square-framed-glasses twit that can be found waiting in line outside any Apple store for the next upgraded Jesus device. Some stereotypes are global; some apparently go through translation.

(Hat tip to Bogdan!)

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