Apparently Detroit Is Officially The New Silicon Valley

There have been a few trend pieces hinting that the Motor City could go the way of San Francisco because we attract a lot of people who want a startup culture without the startup cost of living. Now, at least one Bay Area authority is conceding that maybe it's true.

Thomas Lee at the San Francisco Chronicle notes that a few SanFran refugees are making their way to Detroit because "it's a city of bootstrapping."

It is, after all, a city now synonymous with bankruptcy, crime and abandoned buildings. Rarely mentioned is the fact there's no shortage of people, nonprofit organizations and companies - including those from Silicon Valley - that want to see Detroit succeed.

Last year, Google established a Tech Hub in Detroit to help startups and entrepreneurs connect with investors in Silicon Valley. (Google co-founder Larry Page was born in East Lansing and graduated from the University of Michigan.) Microsoft Ventures, which provides seed money and technology to startups, recently set up operations downtown. And last month, JPMorgan Chase pledged $100 million over the next five years to fund job training and economic development projects.


Oh, dear. We'd probably have to start bracing ourselves for assholes in Teslas and people whining about the homeless.

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Google has a bit of a diversity problem, even though it has set up shop in a city that's mostly black and brown. Maybe the Tech Hub can help solve that.

I believe I've asked this question before, but if not, I'll ask again: Detroit has been a home to a number of tech startups over the years, but what has been a successful product that has recently come out of the city? Can anyone answer? I'm honestly curious/clueless. Comment down below.

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