Render by the author. (I ‘Shopp’d an SL top on an AMG GT body.)

What appears to be a slide from an internal presentation at Mercedes-Benz seems to lay out timelines for several interesting vehicles, including a GT roadster, several Smart EV variants, something called the E-Class All Terrain and the fabled Mercedes pickup truck.

(Image via AutoCar)

On Monday AutoCar published this image which they say “was part of an internal presentation outlining the German manufacturer’s first-half financial results for 2016.” If that’s to be believed, it looks like 2017 will be an interesting year for Mercedes-Benz.

The pickup, which we suspect is based on the Nissan Navara, appears to be locked in for next year along with a convertible version of the spectacularly beautiful AMG GT and a new E-Class convertible which I always forget exists.

I would have to guess the E-Class All Terrain will be a slightly-lifted-and-plastic’d station wagon a la Audi Allroad, and AutoCar seems to agree having spotted a hearse-like prototype fitting that description earlier this month.

As to whether that will be made available in the U.S. remains unclear, along with pretty much any other details about these future products. We’ve reached out to Mercedes for comment and will update if they come back with a significant update.

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