APEX Wins Jalopnik Film Festival Audience Choice Award, Piston Trophy

The accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe has reviewed the results from last week's film festival (i.e. added up the cards) and we're proud to announce that APEX: The Story Of The Hypercar is the winner of our first ever Audience Choice Award. Please come pick it up, fellas, this piston is heavy.

If you're curious, the award isn't some petrified golden man but instead an actual used piston out of a Cummins diesel engine, dirt preserved, and stamped with two plaques. The fine folks at TangentVector were kind enough to let us show a specially cut 25-minute preview of the film that had the audience glued to their seats (the Blinker Fluid-induced hangover may have helped a little).

"APEX is a film about the greatest minds in the business following their passion and love for improving the automobile. It gives us no greater pleasure to have the approval of the most passionate car enthusiasts; the gearheads and wrenches of Jalopnik," said director J.F. Musial. "APEX is produced by a very small team, all members of the Jalopnik community. I can't thank the APEX team enough: Tom Morningstar, Will Barber, Josh Vietze, and Christian Schnedler. We're doing this because we love it and because we understand this story must be told."


When the full thing comes out we fully expect they'll put their Oscar on the shelf behind the Piston.

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