Let's suppose you're a grunt manning a checkpoint in Iraq, where you and your buddies are fully equipped with video camera and low-end video-editing software. Let's further suppose you've stopped a tractor-trailer loaded with scrap cars. You'd definitely win the Hoon of the Century award if you commandeered the truck and went for a fully-loaded top-speed jump over the nearest ramp-like feature in the landscape, but then you'd probably end up with a bunch of officers screaming at you at nose-to-nose range until your face is completely covered with acrid blobs of officer spit (followed by some sort of duty involving feces for, like, eternity). So you make the best of the situation and do the next best thing: it's Crazie Bob's Auto Show! We totally think Crazie Bob needs to join forces with Cal Worthington when he gets back to the States.


Go See Cal, Go See Cal, Go See Cal! [internal]

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