There's been some pretty high-tech solutions to the on-going problem of sleeping drivers, but this device tries to simply the process. The Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm is an alarm worn around the ear. If it senses the head tilting 30 degrees or more it will sound a high-pitched alarm. It's as simple as that. The funny part is how this product is being marketed.

It's being sold by the tech and gadget company, Thinkgeek, as a solution for all-night gaming.

It's a pretty typical situation. You've been gaming for sixteen hours and downed plenty of Bawls and Foosh Energy Mints, but the inevitable has begun to happen - you're starting to get the dreaded drowsy head tilt. Maybe this means it's time to quit your session and get some rest. We think not. The better answer is to put on the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm and keep on going.

Sorry to say it, but the lives of people on the road has a little precedence over hitting level 70, but it's a nice ploy, Thinkgeek. It's available for $15 and is probably one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for nodding drivers (other than not driving tired). [Product Page]