Another Smuggled Audi Sketch: Audi A7

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They started with the Audi R8 targa and A1, now the UK's Car magazine is completing its sketchy trifecta with a drawing of what could be the Audi A7. They say an insider smuggled the art from Audi's design studio in Ingolstadt, (though there's little information verifying the images' veracity). Nonetheless, the A7 is Audi's answer to coupish four-door models like the Mercedes CLS and coming Porsche Panamera, with an expected sleek, swoopy body shape and mechanicals lifted from the next A6. Car says the A7 will be fitted with a new steering rack, multilink suspension and a quattro system that's biased to the rear — a much-anticipated novelty that may put a damper on Audis' notorious understeer. Under the hood will be the usual suspects: 3.0-liter six and 4.2-liter eight, and an expected S7 will likely get the typical Lambo-derived V10, though speculation extends to an RS7 with a twin-turbo ten banger. We'll see the result early next decade. [Car]

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The green house looks a little to big for my taste. But I would love an Audi competitor to the CLS.