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Representatives of Project 1221, a supercar-building effort that's been plying us with surrealistic details, as if it were an IV drip of psychocylibin, revealed they're planning for a turbine engine with 1500hp. The turboshaft powerplant would drive the wheels — not just provide thrust — and, according to the group, produce "literally instant power from walking pace and in quantities that would render the (selectable) traction control indeed indispensable for everyone but the bravest." That's in response to those who would claim such a powerplant would be subject to considerable turbo lag. Oh, and the gale-force exhaust such a motor would produce will be directed under the car, increasing downforce and preventing the thing from spinning counterclockwise off the earth.

However, project leaders say such copious exhaust output could prove harmful to the, ahem, surroundings, say among shoppers on Greenwich Avenue or Rodeo Drive. "In that respect the real problem for nearby vegetation, other road users etc. would be essentially due to the sheer amount of exhaust output — not temperature in itself. Obviously, by directing the exhaust flow in an appropriate manner and by ensuring that the exhaust outlets remain sufficiently distant from the boundaries of the car itself this issue ceases to exist."

Want one? You can lock in the low, low price of $1 million if you act now. Add an additional $1000 to buy all the neighbors airport-style ear protection.

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