Another Japan Air Boeing 787 Dreamliner Surrounded By Emergency Crews At Logan Airport

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Yesterday a fire started in the cargo hold of a Japan Air 787 due to batteries and electronics at Boston's Logan Airport.

Today fuel stopped venting on a Japan Air 787 as it was leaving Logan Airport and a fuel leak erupted. Emergency crews are on the scene.


This is the second issue in two days, and marks the sixth blemish to the 787's record in 35 days. It is unclear if this is the same plane that had an issue yesterday, although we are hearing that it might be a second 787 in Japan Air's fleet with an issue.

UPDATE: This is not the same 787 as the one that had issues yesterday. According to, 178 passengers were on board the plane when the leak erupted. They returned to the gate with no issues or injuries. It is this flight.


Photo Credit: @vplus