Another Day, Another Lamborghini Urus Teaser Image

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For those of you out there waiting patiently for yet another teaser image of the Lamborghini Urus concept, set to debut next week at the Paris Motor Show, today's image is a tail light and a trunk cut-line. What?! A trunk on a Lamborghini? Yes indeed, and one with a pretty low lift-over height at that. Take a note of those tail lights too; they take inspiration from the units on the Reventon, although these are considerably thinner. So now we know it has an Italian flag fender vent, black rims, a rear diffuser, a carbon fiber splitter, and a trunk. Progress!

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I can't remember a time when Ferrari and Lambo were so on top of their game.

True, I was born the same year as the GTO and Testarossa, but, well, who remembers their first year of life?