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Many readers ask me, "Leo, what's the price of whitefish today?" Up to now, I have not answered because the price of whitefish has always been $8.75 a pound, and my name's not Leo, it's Plutarch. My friends call me Mike, however, and I'm the editor of this thing we call Jalopnik. By now, you may have noticed we've got a new masthead (near the logo to your right), on which you will find we've gone ahead and revealed the names of those who make Jalopnik a delicious way to incorporate car-related news into your diet. Davey Johnson (clockwise from top left), associate editor, is the guy who keeps the fridge stocked with loose-meat sandwiches and beer, and never met a H sker D reference he didn't make, no matter how obscure it would seem to us REO Speedwagon fans. Robert Farago (right of center), our allegendary columnist, owes us ten million in cash and merchandise, so we're keeping him on until he pays us back in car reviews and rants about GM. Please join us in welcoming ourselves into your offices and living rooms. We couldn't be gladder to be here.