Announcing SLR Guy Contest Winners

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And just like that, the fun-filled SLR Guy contest is all over. We didn't know we'd see so many entries and have so many laughs over this. But it's been one of the more entertaining photoshop contests we've run. You can peruse the top 15 entries for old times sake, but if we see any more SLR Guys in our inbox, we might toss the computer out the window. After all that work it turns out the esteemed commenters Dr. Danger, Molotov and Mike walked away the winners. Winning entries and the loot they'll be getting after the jump.

Second Runner Up


Why not put SLR Guy into a commercial for herpes medication? What a genius choice Mike, something about the expression of our hero makes this seem like such a more realistic ad. For your efforts, there are three Ford Racing beverage cozies with your name on 'em.

Runner Up


Molotov, sometimes your little chops of genius are under appreciated, but we like em. This one took an entirely different direction from all the other entries. Where's SLR Guy, totally brilliant. You get a gold star Ford Racing ball cap.

First Place


When it popped up in the second of our SLR Guy posts, Dr Danger's "SLR Jones and the Temple of Douche" was practically made for the win. It was skillful, it was funny and it was creative. Very well done sir. You are the winner of the prize Ford Mustang FR500C model.


Thanks for all the entries that came in, even though some of them were disturbing and might haunt our nightmares. We really enjoyed this one and we'll be looking for more opportunities for you crazies to display your chops in the future. You winners out there shoot me an email at with your address so we can get those prizes out to you.