Angry Ferrari Driver Placed On Probation After VIR Temper Tantrum

Screencap via IMSA
Screencap via IMSA

After watching two NASCAR drivers brawl following the messiest trucks finish ever, it’s almost more surprising when a driver gets in trouble for acting out than when they don’t. Risi Competizione Ferrari driver and part-time DJ Giancarlo Fisichella was placed on probation for his post-race temper tantrum at Virginia International Raceway, per an IMSA press release.

Fisichella struck the Porsche 911 that punted him out of a likely podium finish on the cool-down lap after a WeatherTech Sports Car Championship race at VIR. You know, when marshals often come out of their posts to help celebrate.


IMSA (the race’s sanctioning body) ruled that Fisichella was in violation of Rule 48.4 for taking an “unjustifiable risk.” Fisichella’s probation lasts for the next two WTSC events, or through the end of the season.

While it seems bizarre that IMSA waited until the next race weekend almost three weeks later to make their “dude, that was bad” ruling, a series representative told us that they prefer to talk it over with every party involved before making a ruling in situations like this.

The Porsche driver who was the target of Fisichella’s wrath, Earl Bamber, received no penalty for getting into the side of the Ferrari during the race.

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Part time DJ = douche