And then the car was attacked by bees...

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Growing up in Texas I'd heard the stories of people overwhelmed by swarms of Africanized killer bees. Dead in seconds. Hundreds of stings. So when I saw the mass of bees on the old Ford Fairlane parked just one hundred feet away at the MSR Houston track in Angleton, Texas my first instinct was to bolt.


But then I got my wits about me and realized this is a rare opportunity to get some great photography of a strange and rare event. So as I trotted away from the bees I made sure to encourage Zerin Dube, who was out with us, to start running towards them and get a photo.

This is the result.

Perhaps they were attracted to that honey-sweet 260 V8?

Just how big do you think the nest is inside of that engine bay anyway?

Photo Credit: Zerin Dube/Speed:Sport:Life

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Instantly reminded me of this.