And The Winner Is... The Team Endurance Karting Mazda Miata!

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I recall seeing a lot of Mazda ads at the Monterey Historics, thumping their chests about their racing prowess… but not a single mention of the 24 Hours of LeMons anywhere, in spite of the fact that Mazdas have now won three of the last four events (Protege, RX-7) and always contend. If Mazda's marketers had half the smarts of their engineers, they'd run a global advertising campaign centered on cars like the Endurance Karting Miata, which hung on for the win in New England today. Maybe a slogan such as "Even when it's an old beater, it will still be fast" could be a big hit, and it beats "Zoom-Zoom" by a long shot. In other big news, three of the top six cars today were Alfa Romeo Milanos! Make the jump for the complete final standings, courtesy of UDMan (and thanks to Drumhurrin for the photo above:

1 – 90 – Endurance Karting Miata 2 – 29 – Kielbasa Kids Honda Civic 3 – 60 – Scuderia Limoni Alfa Romeo Milano 4 – 0 – Keystone Kops Volvo 244 5 – 06 – Scuderia Testa di Spillo Alfa Romeo Milano 6 – 21 – Team Pro-Crass-Duh-Nation Alfa Romeo Milano 7 – 01 – Schumacher Taxi Service Toyota FX-16 8 – 03 – Dentonators VW Golf 9 – 2 – Schumacher Taxi Service Audi 90 10 – 77 – Team Rob, his two loser friends, and stupid brother VW Golf 11 – 8 – Bean Counters Out Back Racing Subaru Outback 12 – 4 – Nut Job Racing Honda Civic 13 – 07 – Go Green Honda CRX 14 – 64 – Legion of Doom Chevrolet Malibu 15 – 00 – No Budget Racing Pontiac Firebird 16 – 20 – Mostly Motorsports Toyota Paseo / Mazda RX-7 17 – 11 – Team Eliminators Toyota Camry 18 – 37 – Italian Job Racing BMW E-30 19 – 66 – Chard Beef Racing Buick Regal 20 – 02 – Jungle Cat Racing Jaguar XJ-6 21 – 9 – La Grande Fromage VW Jetta 22 – 45 – Vlad the Impala 23 – 3 - Freddies Freakin Fiends Toyota Calica 24 – 70 Stugots Le Mons Mercedes Benz E 300

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After being in the sun for most of the day, and having the old laptop frying as well, I may as well tell you what I thought of the finishing order:

The Endurance Karting Guys have a lot of seat time, and it showed. They are more comfortable in their own element (with other experienced drivers) but learned to deal with the rookies on this track, and for the most part ran a clean race.

The Kielbasa Kids were a real surprise to me. They were very clean, almost no penalties, and the next thing you knew, they were either leading or in 2nd place. The car ran strong, sounded great, and they also had the best party place in the pits (They had an early 60's GMC coach turned into a Motorhome!)

The 3 Alfa Romeos wer all amazing. The engines all produced a wonderful, melodic sound when ripping around the track, and for the most part, they also ran a clean race. Kudos to the Alfa crowd.

The Keystone Kops were very entertaining with their bone stock Volvo 244. For the forst day, they were still running with Volvo Hubcaps, and trim rings on the wheels! And you should have seen this car in the corners, the lean was spectacular. The team is made up of personnel from an actual Volvo dealership, so it explains the condition and preparation of the car.

Team Rob, his 2 loser friends, and stupid brother; What else can be said. This team still sported a Quebec registration! on Saturday night, these guys had a seized rear wheel bearing, so there was a track employee that said he had a rusty Jetta sitting in his yard, and they could have the rear axle. They got it, installed it, and ran on Sunday (I'm sending Murilee a post on this).

Chard Beef Racing; These guys were in it just to have a blast, and they did. Yes the car was a menace on the track (I have a video of this car drifting into turn one!) and was penalized 100 laps, but in the end, the team had a lot of fun, and so did the crowd watching them.

Jungle Cat Racing; So you want to enter a Jag XJ-6? This one ran fine, was a little rich running (plumes of black smoke came out of the twin exhaust pipes whenever a driver stepped on it), but their downfall on the first day was the fact that they ran on Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires..... uh, what?

More comments to come...