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And The Winner Is...

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They said— hell, I said— that a big, fat, complicated-ass Mercedes-Benz could never, ever take the overall win in a 24 Hours of LeMons race. Guess what?


That's right, the Sgt Schultz Zwei Mercedes-Benz S500 somehow managed to avoid breaking one of its 25,000 critical components and was able to maneuver its vast bulk among the other cars without incurring any black-flag-inducing contact and/or careening off into the woods. How? Why? Nobody can say, but we're hoping that more LeMons teams decide to ditch their RX-7s and E30s and switch to W140s and W126s. We're sure that Daimler AG execs the world over are pouring themselves some congratulatory schnapps right about now, and rightfully so; this is the first time a Mercedes of any sort has taken an overall LeMons win, after 31 races. Congratulations, Team Sgt Schultz Zwei!

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets paid crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.

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I'm so glad Benz was able to get a win. I've seen a couple of these chassis in the junkyard cus of major electrical failure which is most likely how this one was found. Let's hope more people get the three pointed star to victory with the other classes. As a 190E owner I'm sad to see them starting to vanish from the road but i'd rather them go out racing than end in the crusher after being vultured.