And the Winner Is...

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They won at Reno-Fernley last summer. They won in Phoenix in January. Today, Eyesore Racing took their third overall win and became the New York Yankees of LeMons racing.

How do they do accomplish this feat when no other team has ever won more than once? It's a pretty simple formula: they don't get black flags, they don't break the car, they work as a team, and they drive pretty fast (it also doesn't hurt that they have more advanced engineering degrees than they do team members, or that one of them works for Mazda and another works for Garrett). Normally we'd be grumbling about a damn Miata doing all this- and, yes, we're twisting Eyesore's arms to build a more effluent car for the future- but this bunch really gets LeMons and we're happy they're showing everyone how it's done.

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V8 swaps, turbos? What if I worked on the ZR1 project and happened to get a free LS9? What line do you draw between resourcefulness and flat out cheating? Lemons is clearly letting in cars that are worth more than $500, the race field is too large and the themes are turning into too much of a circus. This will be the death of Lemons if they are not mindful of these things. That is why I'm racing in Chumpcar instead of Lemons