And the Real Winner Is...

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GM continues its dominance of LeMons racing's top prize, with a Chevrolet Beretta hanging with the VWs and Toyotas for an excellent ninth-overall finish.

The Airborne Ranger Race Team Beretta spent some time in the Penalty Box on Saturday, but the team's drivers managed to get their monster2.8 liter Detroit machine under some semblance of control by Sunday. Congratulations, GM and Airborne Ranger Race Team!

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I'm watching the Emmys on TV right now, but I have to follow LeMons on the internet. It really should be the other way around.

If Ms. Martin doesn't get the late-season replacement gig on the US version of Top Gear, I nominate him for an Emmy next year as the host of the TV version of LeMons.

Bring all of your baggage, Murilee. There are plenty of folks who'll help you carry it.