Anarchy Reigns As Police Hunt Down Dog-Walking Individuals Caught Removing Traffic Cones

It’s anarchy in the streets of Warwickshire, UK as police on are the hunt for two dangerous dog-walking radicals committing the heinous crime of removing traffic cones from the street.

Geez, you can’t get away with anything in the UK with all of those CCTV cameras and what-have-you. In what is likely a nation-wide shutdown, police are desperate for any information related to the two individuals caught on video dangerously and radically removing traffic cones from the road while walking a dog.

What merciless terror. Glad I don’t live there!

According to the report released by Warwickshire police titled “CCTV footage released of individuals police would like to speak to”, the tragic incident occurred at around 9:30 PM back on Tuesday, July 12th.


That’s right. July 12th. The Warwickshire police, following what must have been an unsuccessful five month long investigation, are now turning to the public to make the streets safe again, as the video was just released yesterday.

If you have any information regarding the incident that evidently left nobody injured and resulted in two open lanes of traffic, please let the Warwickshire police know immediately.

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Typically as with most coned off road work areas on dual carriageways and motorways, there is nobody there to stop them.

They put up signs along with cones sometimes.

As with most things. There is a Facebook page and a guy called Paul Stephenson from Nottingham posted a reply.