An Evel Knievel Tribute: Photoshop the Hoonfather's Final Jump

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If you're anything like us, you're completely heartbroken over the passing of ubermensch and all around hero to hoons everywhere, Evel Kneivel. Rarely in the annals of history has a man come along with no purpose other than to capture the popular imagination. There are an untold number of errant youths who invested the precious time of their childhood summers emulating this master of the impossible, the improbable, with well worn Huffy's and dirt ramps. We suspect that a great many of those wayward hoon-igans have found refuge here. Given the passing of such a momentous figure, we feel it necessary to pay tribute in some manner and to ask for your help. We would like you, the reader, to do your best to photoshop St. Knievel's final jump into the great beyond. Only "appropriate" submissions will be accepted which are sent into the tips address will be considered for the vote by you on the final tribute. Have at it — Evel'd want it this way.

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Okay, I actually put something serious together. I got what decent photos I could find in black and white and turned any color ones into black and white. It's not a photoshop but I think it's more appropriate. I dunno what to write as a caption. Anyways, hope so of you guys like it. []