The problem with “authenticity” is that it’s just so damn inconvenient. But there is a solution for Harley riders: an electric kickstarter. No. Seriously.

For $542 Esteves Motorcycle Design will sell you what’s essentially a few wires linked up to a chrome bar that lets you “kick” your 1993-2015 Sportster to life. As Cyril Huze points out, that’s perfect for those that have weak knees after years of crashes in nothing but Levis and designer leathers.

So what’s next? We’ve got some ideas:

  • Hand window cranks with an actuator that controls the motor for the windows (wait, that’s already a thing)
  • Fake carbs that hide fuel injectors (shit, Triumph did it)
  • Choke knobs that attach to the ECU to make it rev higher just after you start the engine (pretty sure no one’s done it yet)


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