Aston Martin built 967 Series 3 V8s, and most likely all of them were put together like any hand-built British sports car from the seventies: After five pints while looking at a girl.

Paul Kitchen’s 1977 Series 3 is a much more desirable manual car though with a red interior and silver paint. It used to be a purple barn find, but then again, it also went on fire while being Paul’s high school ride. Did it get him laid? Probably. If not, it was the girl’s fault.


His father convinced him of choosing the Aston over a Chevy Chevelle back when these V8s weren’t that expensive, and boy was his old man right! When set up right, nothing can beat those carbureted Aston V8s in terms of style and drama.

No Chevelle, no Mustang, nothing.

Ford’s version never looked this good.

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