An Addendum To Our Most Commented List

When we posted the "Most Discussed Stories Of 2008" there was someone who suggested making the most discussed list the most commented list of the year, thus creating a black hole. You did it!


All of you are insane, but in the best way. We finished up most of the work a while ago and we've just been sitting here watching it happen and you crossed the finish line with just 10 minutes left in the day. Thanks to Ash, pauljones, JHunt, LTD Scott, Unevolved, Brazil Reporter, Novaload, Beta.Rogan, DoctorNine, Mytdawg, Boosted Lego Wagon, Miscellanea, Tylinol, LittleYodaPickup, Adidac425, Edlerly Douche, Braff, dearthair, Schm, TheDanMan and everyone else who donated comments to the effort.


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