An Abandoned Water Park is an Excellent Playground for an Electric MX Rider

Gif: Monster Energy

While it’s still sad that Alta Motors is dead, it’s pretty great that these bikes are still being used to their full potential. Josh Hill invades and absolutely dominates an old water park in Palm Springs, California to lay down the hoon gauntlet. And he rides atop an Alta MX. With a mix of bravery, silliness, and electric torque, Hill is able to accomplish some pretty impressive feats, including looping the loop in a giant funnel slide.


With wheelies, stoppies, loops, massive water slide drop ins, big jumps, stair rides, and more crazy shenanigans, this was a short and entertaining video, definitely worth watching.

Who says a lazy river can only be fun when it’s full of water?

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Abandoned? Not even close, it’s closed for a year for renovations after new ownership.

I’ve always been more of a Raging Waters guy anyways.. You know, where the 10 and 210 meet in San Dimas.