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Failed GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s former PR person Amanda Carpenter got trapped in an Amtrak elevator at Baltimore-Washington International Airport this past February. She tweeted at Amtrak saying that she was stuck, pleading for help. Amtrak’s official Twitter account came to the rescue—a mere eight months later!


Immediately we considered the possibility that Amanda Carpenter was now dead, long lost to the clutches of the elevator. But apparently that was not the case, as The Federalist reported.


Amtrak’s Twitter account seems to be a mix of strange robo-tweets and real people, so as soon as the real people noticed the horrific implications of a person first dying in an elevator, then proceeding to rot for the next couple of months, they profusely apologized and offered Carpenter a complimentary ride on the Acela.

But not before another disconcerting robo-tweet went out:


Amtrak Twitter is the best Twitter.

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