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True engine geeks are a special breed of car nut. These guys traffic in more minutiae than the writers of "Seinfeld": tractive power, torque-per-liter, closed deck vs open deck vs semiclosed deck. For everyone else, there's the age-old "will it rip a hole in the space-time continuum?" Mercedes's new V8 will likely be able to satisfy both camps.

In its profile on the new Mercedes-Benz 6.3-liter V8,AutoWeek feeds the geek's hunger for trifles, while considering questions of speed and horsepower. Mercedes appears to have called in all the engine, er, engineers worth their lab coats, and gave them the order to build the most powerful, most durable and most progressive normally aspirated V8s in production. It appears they've come pretty close. And judging from the DTM racer in which it's been implanted for testing, time-travel may not be a problem.

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