America's Fastest Street Car Drives 1000 Miles, Rips Off 6.95-Second 1/4-Mile

Larry Larson participated in Hot Rod's anti-trailer-queen Drag Week 2010 with his twin-turbocharged, 2300-ish-horsepower 6.95-second 1/4-mile at 209mph 1966 Chevrolet Nova. He then packed up and drove off as America's fastest street car. [1320 Video, Bangshift]



Why are all the stupid fast street cars (although I use that term in the very loosest sense) I've known Chevy II Novas? Theres two around my area that I see driving around, one of which runs 9's, and one of which runs 8's. Low 8's since he switched to twin turbo in place of the blower. I saw him on the road and followed him one day just to see that he really drove it without having to stop every mile to cool it down or something. And nope, 10 miles later he was still just putting along down the highway. Seeing a car with 15 inch wide tires and PARACHUTES driving down the street is pure badassery.