This probably takes the phrase "wrapping yourself in the flag" in a different direction than intended. But on Friday, someone driving Toyota Camry got a surprise when a large American flag hanging on the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston became detatched and fell in front of the car. Flags do obstruct your vision while driving and the Camry ended up hitting the median.

According to the Boston Globe, the ropes suspending the flag on the bridge in honor of Independence Day had become frayed because of bad weather conditions and it was going to be taken down anyway on Tuesday.


The driver wasn't injured after spinning out in the Camry and ripping off its back bumper after hitting the barrier. Weirdly, though, the driver took off after the accident.

Take a look at the video clip from WCVB that actually shows the flag coming down in what was definitely a surprise for anyone driving below. Really, of all things to fall on you while driving. It also shows an embarrassed public official promising to do better in the future.

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