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Our pal Spence over at Leftcoast- breakdown reports that his employer, American Apparel, they of the sweatshop-free, made in Downtown Los Angelees clothing, are now offering biodiesel to their employees, and Spence is all over that shit like a man in pain rockin' the liquid Vicodin:

"I'm seriously considering buying a diesel because of this. Say, a nice W124-bodied Mercedes, anywhere between '87 and '95. It's not just the appeal of less pollution (making penance for all my years of driving guzzlers) but it's also the esthetics of the thing, of filling your tank at work with an organic fuel that doesn't fuck with the environment, feed political corruption, and fund Islamic extremism. That's thinking locally."

Dude, Mister Jalopy's got one to make you jealous but it ain't for sale.

I Heart AA [Leftcoastbreakdown]