Illustration for article titled American Airlines Baggage Handler Gets Three Life Sentences And Then Some For Smuggling Cocaine

Drug smuggling is one of the oldest trades known to man. Since Roman times, dealers have looked for ingenious ways to transport drugs from place to place, undetected.

Now, one enterprising American Airlines bag handler has been caught for leading a drug smuggling ring. And he's serving three life sentences for it. Plus an extra 35 years, just in case.


Victor Bourne's drug ring, which included 19 other baggage handlers, was discovered in 2011. American Airlines 1384, a daily flight from Barbados to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, was nicknamed the "Cocaine Express."

Bourne and his team would stash bricks of cocaine in luggage and compartments. One time they even disassembled the wing to stash bricks of the drug. Luckily they put it back together properly and the plane didn't have a major malfunction.


The sentence is harsh, but they did that in order to make sure nobody else is this stupid again.

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