America Finally Gets A Motorsport Channel: Motors TV Is Coming To The US

You know all the really cool motorsports that we don't really see on TV right now, like the World Touring Car Championship and the World Endurance Championship? That's all about to change: European-based Motors TV is looking to expand into North and South America.

Nearly every week I put together the Weekend Motorsports Roundup, there's always at least one awesome thing a week that would be totally rad to get on TV, but we don't. We were getting Eurosport re-runs of races weeks after they happened on Velocity, but those all of a sudden disappeared from the schedule.


Could this be why, perhaps? If Motors TV wants to give us European-based motorsports in real time (or at least on a same-day tape delay), I'm all for it.

According to Sportscar365, representatives from Motors TV will be meeting at the North American Television Programs Executives conference in Miami this weekend to finalize the details. They will also be meeting with partners THEMA and AlternaTV, who will broadcast the Spanish-language version of Motors TV in Latin America.

We'll now have same-day World Rally Championship highlights, motorcycle races, and European series like the International GT Open right there for the watchin'.


Television, you may have redeemed yourself. You're nothing without a full-time motorsports channel. We used to have one, but...

Photo credit of yet another race we didn't get on TV here: Getty Images

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