Illustration for article titled Amazing Ferrari F430 Spider Scuderia 16M In-Seat Visualization

Since most mere mortals can only imagine what it's like to sit at the carbon fiber helm of the Ferrari F430 Spider Scuderia 16M, this flash visualization provides the next best thing.


Despite pulling out all of our best html potions, we can't work out a way to embed it here on Jalopnik. Thanks to the heavy duty internet magicians over at Automoblog, we've figured out a way to get our hamsters revved up enough to host the Ferrari World visualization here and you can "sit" in the seat of the exclusive 16M and "look around" right here on Jalopnik. Click on the hot spots for more information on details like an integrated iPod Touch, the F1 style controls on the steering wheel and other such level ten dark wizard magic. Pay no attention to us, we'll just be making Italian-accented "vroom vrooooom!" sounds for the next ten minutes.



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