Always Be Jargoning: Words from the Car Sales Biz

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At the risk of being labeled a sophomaniacal blatherskite (a small risk, but there it is), I reckon I'm a first class slang collector. During my brief career as a metal mover, I agglomerated a farrago of car biz colloquialisms. "Hey Harry, I got a guy hot for an ad car (a cheap, optionless car heavily advertised to lure people in to buy a more expensive model). His old car's got a few Ripley's (old damage, badly repaired, from Ripley's Believe it Or Not), but this guy's hung (ready to sign the papers)." Writing in WardsAuto Dealer Edition, Ferrari sales advisor Jesse Berger warns her colleagues not to use dealer slang in front of lay downs. She also reminds her fellow floggers that they "must not only say the right words, they must say the words right." Um, shouldn't that be "correctly?" Anyway, you gotta love anyone in the biz who calls car buying "vaguely adversarial."

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Ever read the Carcoat Damphands section on <a href="[]"? Perfect example of forecourt slang going too far :)