Alpha 9 Nissan GT-R Belts Out 900 HP, 9-Second Quarter Mile

AMS Performance has developed a monster Nissan GT-R tuner, dubbed the "Alpha 9" with 900-hp and 9-second quarter mile times on race gas. Better news? They're working on a 1200-hp version.

The AMS GT-R's blew up the forums when it registered the first official 9-second run in a GT-R. Now after some further development work it's getting rebranded under the "Alpha" nameplate and made available for customers. There's an Alpha 6 for hobos and hangers-on with just a muddling 600 hp, and the big boys step up to the Alpha 9, with 900-hp on tap when running race gas, just 800-hp and 10-second times on pump gas though. Better news for horsepower freaks around the world? They've got plans for a 1000-hp version and a 1200-hp mind warper. Better watch your back Switzer.
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