Almost Hitting Your Teammate Is A Real Pain In The Haas

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Free Practice 2 isn’t going so well so far for Haas Formula One driver Kevin Magnussen. First, he spun off track backwards right at “Haas Hill,” and then he had a close call with his teammate Romain Grosjean.


“Can he get out of the way, please?” Magnussen asked over the radio.

A less amused Grosjean remarked that this was “Superbly intelligent from Kevin.”

This isn’t the first close pass Magnussen’s made today at Circuit of the Americas. In Free Practice 1, his cut in front of Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari and subsequent blocking really left Seb annoyed.


Vettel remarked, “OK, Magnussen is doing a bit of a hero thing, so he will probably block us.”

Either way, dude, it’s practice. No one wants to be That Guy who causes a dumb collision in practice. Chill out, bro.

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