Alligator Fights Off Woman For First Chomp At Toyota Test Drive

All Denise Anderson wanted to do was test drive a used Toyota Sequoia at her local Tampa Bay, Florida dealership. Unfortunately, a nine-foot alligator beat her there. Chomp, chomp!

The closer-to-big-toothed-nature-than-we're-comfortable-with incident occurred at Sun Toyota in Pasco County on Wednesday and turned into quite the event, drawing a multitude of people into the dealership's lot. Talk about free advertising.


Michael Chaparro, one of the dealership's salesmen, said that the gator likely came from one of the canals directly behind the property. Since it was mating season, the gator was probably looking for love. Yah hear that? The gator wanted to get down and dragon the helpless Toyota. Take a peak at the video to see what all the commotion was about. [via tampabay]

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