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Remember we drove 1,000 hard miles in the most expensive Ford F-150? Welp, that’s not exactly true anymore. Meet the 2016 Ford F-150 Limited with more chrome, museum-quality wood panels, a whole Brookstone catalog of tech, and an MSRP above the $60,000 Platinum.

What’s this thing actually gonna cost?


Speculation is that the Limited might top $70,000, but there’s been no official MSRP posted yet. I’m gonna throw down my own guesstimation that this thing will start around $53,000 and ending under $65,000 based on current pricing for Platinum and King Ranch.

So what sets Limited apart from the rest of the lineup?

The truck will basically feature every F-150 option as standard equipment, plus unique chrome on the grille and tailgate, special gauge faces, 22” rims, genuine fiddleback eucalyptus (fancy trees) material for the wood trim and seats made out of what Ford’s calling “Mojave leather.”

Also, how killer is that “LIMITED” lettering across the bow? I freaking love when there’s text spread over the top of the grille. This is 30% of the reason I bought that Land Rover Discovery ten years ago. #Noregrets. #Okaysomeregrets.


More specifically, the 2016 F-150 Limited is getting:

  • Ford’s blind spot warnings and cross-traffic alert system
  • Panoramic roof
  • Power dropping side-steps
  • LED headlights
  • Lanekeeping
  • 360º cameras
  • Trailer-hitch assist (read more about that right here)
  • 10-way adjustable massaging seats
  • Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment rig (right more about that here)
  • Crankin’ Sony stereo
  • “Ice blue” accent lighting
  • Standard 3.5 EcoBoost engine

Aren’t all those features already options on the Platinum?


Except for the aesthetic stuff, pretty much yeah. Basically the Limited boils down to a “check all options” option, plus some really nice trim pieces. It’s easy for Ford to execute and it’s gonna sell like crazy, everybody wins!

Will this thing have any actual work capability?


Limited will be rated to tow 10,100 pounds with optional packages and probably 2WD, so I’d say yes because that is a crapload of weight.

Other than that, the same electronic 4WD system you can get on every other F-150 will be on there, and that 360º camera system is actually pretty helpful off-road. As long as you don’t tear off the front air splitter.


What about that Ford ten-speed gearbox I’ve heard about?


Not yet, that’s coming in 2017. Limited is still rocking the electronic six-speed with tow/haul and sport mode.

Screw you and your “sport mode” on a pickup truck.


No, really, this is a good thing. Sport mode means no early shifting which means you can whip donuts. If your truck is going to have an electronic transmission for efficiency it’s gotta have a sport mode so you can still misbehave.

So is this the last word in luxury trucks right now?


If the F-150 Platinum was a direct competitor for Chevy’s High Country, GMC’s Denali and Ram’s Laramie, this new Limited would be a cut above that on the fancy-pants scale. Of course you’ll remember the Ram Laramie Limited came out at the beginning of the year to take Chrysler’s luxury truck game to the next level... so I guess those two would be direct rivals at this point.

Seems like some kind of ultra GMC Sierra Denali is almost inevitable.


Andrew P. Collins is Jalopnik’s off-road and adventure guy. Shoot him an email or hit him up on Twitter to talk trucks.

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