All The Reasons Why We Can't Send Someone To Mars… Yet

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Why We Can’t Send Humans to Mars Yet (And How We’ll Fix That)Wired

We talk about Mars a lot, so it's good to know how many people are out there thinking about what we need to do to make Mars habitation possible.

The good news is that there’s nothing technologically impossible about a manned Mars mission. It's just a matter of deciding it's a priority and putting the time and money into developing the necessary tools. Right now NASA, other space agencies, and private companies are working to bring Mars in reach.


Tweeling into the future on Power Tour 2013Hot Rod

The big 2013 Power Tour is going on right now and there's a Woodie on it. And not just any Woodie, but a Woodie version of the 1955 Morris. On Tweels. Go enjoy the photos.

Sliding into the Power Tour was this little ’55 Morris woodie on “Tweels.” No they’re not like ruffies or tweaking. They’re these Slinky-like tires that Michelin has been developing for years. Owner Zach Merrill works for Michelin and talked the boss into letting him try them out for the 2013 Power Tour.


Austins in AmericasAustins in Americas


Somehow we missed this blog, which features a group driving three Austin 7s from the southern hemisphere to the north.

Inspired by John Coleman's drive in 1959, five crew will drive three Austin 7's the 11,000 miles from Buenos Aires to New York City through twelve countries and two continents.


Photo Credits: NASA, Hot Rod, Austins In Americas

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