All Quiet On The NSX Front

While the supercar world is buzzing away with LaFerraris, Venenos and P1’s, Honda’s NSX concept remains in its own alternate universe, where things move with slightly less urgency. The urgency, that is, of a glacier on downers.


The car Honda has here in Geneva is the same one they showed earlier this year in Detroit, but it’s a first for us Euros. It looks slightly more real than it did last year. The doors, for instance, don’t conceal an unformed blackness but an actual interior and a rather nice one at that. It’s maroon suede and black carbon fiber, a pleasant ’70s angular space set, and looks like the actual interior of an actual car.

There’s not much behind the seats. The engine cover remains gloomy and opaque, hinting at nothing but a void and dreams of a V6 back there.


Am I dreaming that there’s an NSX or is the NSX dreaming that there are people out there who would love to see it made real? Perhaps time will tell. Meanwhile, a McLaren has broken the sound barrier. Or was it a Ferrari?

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