All Of These RWB Porsches In One Place Is Overwhelmingly Beautiful

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The build of a new RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche makes for some of the best video around, especially in 4K. But this video is a bit different than your typical build documentary—you don’t get to watch just one RWB Porsche. You get to see a bunch of them. It’s lovely.

If you’re not familiar with RAUH-Welt Begriff, the Japanese tuning company does some of the most recognized and impressive Porsche 911 builds around. The builds are often documented in 4K video, making for nearly half an hour of pure internet beauty.

Whether or not you’re a fan of modifying perfectly good Porsches, well, that’ll probably determine your enjoyment of this. But definitely give it a chance:

These RWB creations recently got together in Tokyo for this film, and it all feels somewhat like a trippy, overwhelmingly beautiful music video that ditched the people for the automotive.


But hey, that’s never a bad idea when it’s done correctly. Enjoy it—perhaps more than once.

Hat tip to CarScoops!

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Awesome to see footage from the event! If anyone wants pictures of it, then Speedhunters did an article about it and there are some nice shots in there!

Also, in before “all RWBs are all show and no go!” because there’s this badass car that’s survived a few 12 hour endurance races at Motgei and it’s still street legal.