All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Electric Bumper Cars

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One of our first experiences with driving was behind the wheel of a bumper car at a catfish festival in rural Texas, and we've never looked back. If we had a young child in the house, we're not sure if we could deny them these "Dodgem" electric bumper cars from electronics manufacturer Maplin. These little beauties are for use in the home and can reach a blistering speed of 2 MPH. Details below...


The little cars are meant for young children, obviously, and even have duel controls for "authentic movement." They work for 40 minutes per charge and have foam bumpers so the kids don't end up killing each other, or the furniture. At a low price of £79.98 for the set, we think they're a steal. Unfortunately, corndog-scented old dude leering at kids not included. [h/t Pocket Link]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Dude, these would be totally easy to speed up, ever seen what happens when dads get a hold of power wheels?

Mine had a car battery and did wheelies, for about 45 minutes until the gears in it basically committed suicide. I had 1 wheel drive for the last 10 minutes, which meant every wheelie ended up going straight left.