All Helmets Should Come With Googly Eyes

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Who needs a fancy readout of G-forces when the obvious solution is staring you right in the face every time you browse the Arts & Crafts section of the store? Googly eyes are the most genius way to illustrate how hard your car is trying to pull your body one way or the other: fact.

These two FaceTime laps from Mike Hedlund during a practice session for the Pirelli World Challenge race at Long Beach were clearly the best thing to come out of that weekend. Sure, googly eyes as a measure of G-force aren’t perfect, but you can tell gradual turns (eyes slightly to the side, but still looking down) apart from sharper corners (eyes totally looking sideways).

Now if these wacky plastic eyeballs weren’t so simple to shake up, we’d be on to something with this.

Two face-mounted accelerometers on the cheap aren’t the only good things about this video. Listen to the delightful roar of Hedlund’s Ferrari 458 race car. (That car is for sale now, just in case you’re in the market for a GT3-spec 458.)


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