All Hail The Cyclonechero!

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Just last week, I thought it would be hard to top the Buick X-Camino for sheer homemade factory-body-parts-mashup car-with-truck-bed goodness. But I was wrong. Oh, so incredibly wrong. Make way for the the Cyclonechero, a mighty merging of 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Ford Ranchero GT, complete with 429 Cobra Jet, 4-speed, and Mercury dog-dish hubcaps.


1970 Cyclone Spoiler Cobra Jet Ranchero []

More Fun With GM A-Bodies: The X-Camino [internal]



Well its a ranchero with a cyclone front end.. is the guy selling it? Its not that impressive.. and I am a ford ranchero OWNER!! I gotta go stand out in front of the San MAteo Kmart and see if the guy with the Civic-amino shows up so I can photograph it....