All Brand: Ford Stays Regular

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With Way Forward 2.0's expected release after the FoMoCo board meeting today (announcement supposedly to come, or as a Ford spokesperson told us this morning, "maybe today, maybe tomorrow — when we're ready to let you know, you'll know") — a revised version of the very buggy Way Forward 1.0 (yes, Mark, we installed the service pack like you said — it still froze up and gave us the "costs too much" error message on a blue screen of death) expected to include accelerated job cuts, a dealership-reduction plan and hell, maybe even some new products. What won't be included however, according to the Freep's Sarah Webster, will be an elimination of brands (except for the already announced invitation to bid on one of Ford's luxe brands, Aston Martin). That means the whole gang of Ford, Lincoln and even light-selling Mercury will continue to stop up the bowels of the glass house for years to come, or at least until Way Forward 3.0, which we've heard has been code-named "Longhorn."

Ford won't eliminate any brands [Freep]

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Al Navarro

I happen to prefer the Mercury Milano grille over the Ford 500's. Ford strikes me in much better shape from a brandarhea standpoint than GM.