All-Around Asshattery Ends In Instant Karma For Tailgating Truck

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A Florida driver has documented just how much rage you give a tailgater by cruising in the left lane, with a side note on the importance of looking ahead while driving.

There's no doubt the guy in this Ford F-250 was driving like a dick. But the filmmaker wasn't exactly a pillar of road safety either, driving slowly in the fast lane with a camera in-hand. Not to mention committing the most egregious of offenses; shooting a video in portrait mode.


In the end, I hope you'll walk away from this inspired to drive courteously after you're done loling.

'Til next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

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You can't say that the driver was going slow in the left hand land without knowing her speed. Its entirely possible she was going the speed limit or above and he was still being a douche. Its happened to me. In the fast lane, going 85 and still being tailgated despite going faster than any of the other lanes, on top of that having someone ahead of me going the same speed. So I am in the fast lane with no ability to go faster and then someone starts tailgating me. Not my fault and they are a douche. Always tempted to be a douche back to them, and I have in the past, once in a similar situation a lady behind me in a porsche boxter was tailgating me, talking on a cell phone and flipping me off and waving her arms, so I brake checked her ass.