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All Aboard the Money Train to Castle Bromwich: Ford to Pump $2.1 Billion into Jaguar

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Ford is forking over $2.1 billion to fund a reorganization at Jaguar, several news organizations are reporting today. The big-money deal (finance geeks: it's in preference shares), many say, affirms Ford's commitment to the struggling UK luxury marque, which has been hemorrhaging money, shedding staff and abandoning ambitious plans as if its primary product was asbestos nasal spray. No word on what the money will buy just yet, but we're figuring the Knights of Castle Bromwich will be in fine mead and goode cookrye for some time to come.


Ford Injects $2.1 Billion Into Jaguar to Fund Reorganization [Bloomberg]

Ford to Bet a Billion on Jaguar [internal]

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