Upon first glance, Bertone did an excellent job styling the Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept — until you get to the back. The car's front 3/4 angle is uniquely fetching but the back end looks like an emo kid's bad haircut.

It's not uncommon for some cars to look as if they'd been penned by two different teams, one at the front and one at the back, but the Pandion Sports Car Concept takes that notion to the extreme. The styling team at Bertone presented strong but aggressive Alfa nose transitioning to an dramatic profile with an interesting graphical statement in the sweep of unrealistic glass. The back end though looks like they were hopped up on Red Bull and anime. The Ariel Atom does the open-ass-end as a matter of function over form, this is based on the 8C chassis so it's front-engined, meaning all that business out back is just junk hangin' out of the trunk. Still, an interesting form as long as you don't turn it around.


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