Alfa Romeo F1 Just Needs to Run Its Valentine's Day Livery All Year

Image: Alfa Romeo Racing (Twitter)

Modern Formula One is much of the same every year. The same teams often come out with the same or similar car liveries, and the same performance gap in the field. But each year, there’s always a slight break from routine—in the form of special car liveries that never actually compete.

Red Bull usually has a good one, but nothing compares to the scheme that the newly named Alfa Romeo Racing team—Sauber, you might remember—took to a test session at Fiorano Circuit in Italy last week. The team got more into the whole “Valentine’s Day” thing than your local grocery store’s seasonal aisle, and the result was a lot less nauseating.


The team took a Valentine’s livery to the test, which Autosport reports was just a patterned camouflage since the actual race car hadn’t launched at that point.

But it was a good look, nonetheless:


Sure, a Valentine’s Day livery could’ve been made miles better with neon-pink hearts all over the place and some lame valentine phrases plastered on it, like “We can turn the lights out on more than just the grid” or “My DR eStimates that I need at least one of you in my life,” but, obviously, no one with a lame sense of humor or affinity for pink was asked their opinion.


And, you know, that’s probably for the best, or else this team would be running that kind of livery all year—and the DR would eStimate that every other driver needs to get out of its way.

Anyway, the official race livery is below. It looks good! But not as good as the special one-off.


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